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App AI prompts for Education

Created on 2 May, 2023Prompts • 445 views

App AI prompts for Education

  • Create a magical system that emphasizes education and is based on [topic of your choice].

  • Teach me the <topic of your choice> and give me a quiz at the end, but don’t give me the answers and then tell me if I answered correctly.

  • Describe <topic of your choice> in detail.

  • Create a YAML template to detect the Magento version for the Nuclei vulnerability scanner.

  • Can you provide a summary of a specific historical event?

  • Can you give me an example of how to solve a [Problem statement]?

  • Write a paper outlining the topic [Topic of your choice] in chronological order.

  • I need help understanding how probability works.

  • I need help uncovering facts about the early 20th-century labor strikes in London.

  • I need help providing an in-depth reading for a client interested in career development based on their birth chart.

  • Please provide a definition for the medical term ‘tachycardia’.

  • Come up with 10 ways to improve memory and recall while studying for exams.

  • Suggest 10 Chrome extensions for students designed to improve productivity while studying.