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App AI prompts for Teachers

Created on 2 May, 2023Prompts • 443 views

App AI prompts for Teachers

  • Create a list of 5 types of data that teachers can collect to monitor student learning and progress.

  • Create a quiz with 5 multiple choice questions that assess students' understanding of [concept being taught].

  • Construct a model essay on social discrimination that surpasses all the requirements for an 'A' grade.

  • Design a poster that outlines the regulations of the classroom as well as the penalties for violating them

  • Generate a list of specific and actionable steps that a student can take to improve their performance in [subject/task]

  • Create a lesson outline for a lesson on [concept being taught] that includes learning objectives, creative activities, and success criteria.

  • Create a list of 5 teaching strategies that could be used to engage and challenge students of different ability levels in a lesson on [concept being taught]

  • Create a list of interactive classroom activities for [concept being taught]

  • Create a marking scheme for evaluating student writing in line with the [concept being taught]

  • What difficulties do children have when learning about passive voice?

  • I need help developing a lesson plan on renewable energy sources for high school students.

  • Come up with a list of 10 unique qualities to include in a teacher’s resume.